When Warriors Meet and the Races of Atlantis- Part 2

January 1st, 2021

Greetings once more in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


  It is on side two where Omal provides the answers Mark and I had been seeking regarding which of the seven races that colonized Atlantis were still in existence. As it turns out, it is all of the ones discussed except for elves and faeries which Mark and I thought would have been one of the seven races. Instead, Omal explains they were a race that had survived from another time which possibly suggests Lemuria as their place of origin. Much of what he says explains the legends and stories throughout our history extending all the way out to the present day. He makes way for Karra after that to assist our youngest guest on her habit of draining others of their energy without their permission. To provide a hands-on demonstration, Karra enlists the help of Mark's body to be used as a conduit they begin passing energy through while our guest held his hand. That turns out to be an effective learning tool for her to know how the flow of energy effects the body. That flow is also a part of healing so she stresses the shaking off of that energy after washing the hands as opposed to just drying them with a towel to remove the energy from the other person that may still remain. She has taught me through experience that energy is not something to be taken lightly. In fact, she confirms just how important it is by answering my question on the energy connection we have to all things in the universe that is one of the great mysteries. We finish with her defining the relationships of Mark and I to our respective bond mates on the base. In the transition between speakers. Tia gives jumbo marshmallows a try through Mark's body even though she lacks his sense of taste. She also relates a discussion on the term dude for the sake of Kiri. The Surf Monk had visited the base recently and Kiri had taken to the term. She would later adopt it to be her signature greeting. Karra's daughter Alana gets us almost to the end from there by adding to Karra's explanation of the relationships between her, Karra, and I. That becomes a productive conversation stream as we then begin discussing the Sirian society and how a world can operate free of money. We already know it relies on responsibility and a barter system that is part of a planetary effort to make things work in global cooperation instead of countries with borders to protect. We learn how deep the deepest ocean is on Sirius is as well as the rejuvenation process that Sirians go through as they revert back to the twenties or thirties after living for three hundred years or so. A thousand years of life in total would be easy in such an environment of learning and service to others. Mark's energy levels begin to red line so the session is ended while there is still energy left for Mark to feel fine returning to his body. She ends things by moving the cats off the futon Mark is on so they do not affect his energy levels on our side. Another great session through the helpful questions of our guests in attendance.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 07/27/1995. Side two includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Omal gives a definitive list of the original races from Sirius that colonized Atlantis that has some surprises for most that hear who is included. One race we learn that was here already were the elves and the faeries. Very Middle Earth.


2.)(6:31)- Karra assists our youngest guest in how to stop draining people of their energy without their permission subconsciously. She confirms as well that we have a subconscious link to the life throughout our galaxy.


3.)(18:28)- Tia tries jumbo marshmallows for the first time even though she can't taste them and gives us the Big Lebowski thanks to Kiri's search for an opening greeting. She defines some words in her language that is the same as the cats.


4.)(21:12)- Alana finishes things out with an explanation of how life operates in a dimension without money and her job as a marine biologist studying the dolphins on the base is how she fulfills an important role on the base.

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